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Information for Realtors

Staging is an essential marketing tool amongst Kitchener-Waterloo’s real estate agents.  We are working with local Realtors each week, helping them stay competitive and augmenting their listings with the Home Staging Consultation service.  This service is for Owner-Occupied properties and its purpose is to coach home sellers through the process of achieving a market-ready product through any combination of recommendations including - but not limited to - suggested updates/repairs, proper furniture placement, decluttering / de-personalizing requirements, and of course, showcasing!

As a result of this Realtor-Stager partnership, our Realtor clients report that:

  • their listings show better than other homes on the market;

  • their listings receive more foot traffic and spend less time on the market;

  • buyers' requests for concessions are reduced;

  • their Home Seller clients are pleased with this value-add service being provided;

  • the investment for a Home Staging Consultation pays for itself many times over!

Read more about the Home Staging Consultation as well as other staging services here: Services

A few testimonials following the Home Staging Consultation service...

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