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Q.  What is the purpose of Home Staging?
A.  The purpose of Home Staging is to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers. Home Staging is a process for preparing a home for sale and is achieved through updates and repairs, proper furnishing, arranging, accessorizing, and essentially, merchandising the space.
Q.  Is Home Staging expensive? 
A.  Most clients do great with a consultation alone ($230 + HST) and don't need any additional services, so the investment in those cases is in the Home Staging Consultation alone and the implementation of the recommendations provided.  Home sellers can choose to do as much, or as little, as their time and budget allows.

Q.  How much does staging a Vacant home cost?
A.  Vacant Staging installations you will see in our Gallery generally range from $3,500-$7,500 + HST.  This pricing is inclusive of staging rentals for an initial one month period, staging services & delivery.  It all begins with a Vacant Property Assessment to determine property-specific requirements and firm pricing. 
Q.  Do Home Stagers replace all my furniture with theirs?
A.  This may be the case in popular reality TV shows but this isn't always practical, realistic, or friendly to your budget!  We understand that you may need to live in your house while it is listed and it is always our goal to do our best to provide a comfortable living environment for the time that your house is on the market.  Our goal is always to work with our clients' own furniture and accessories when desired.  This may mean relocating items to different rooms and removing some items that are not critical to the function or add to the decor of the space.  
Q:  Is Home Staging only for homes that are cluttered?
A:  EVERY home can benefit from home staging.  Staging addresses far beyond decluttering and removal of personal belongings.  We strive to ensure that all minor updates and repairs have been considered and that rooms are properly arranged to provide a natural flow and provide for optimal space planning.  Even professionally decorated and designed homes may not highlight the home's best selling features and may reflect personal tastes that may not appeal to most buyers.  Home staging will help to eliminate any distractions that could prevent buyers from seeing the true potential and value of a home.  Furthermore, it is becoming the norm for Kitchener-Waterloo Realtors to incorporate a free Home Staging Consultation into their marketing plan as they are seeing the benefits it has.
Q.  Why should I spend money on a home that I'm selling?
A.  Investing in the minor updates/repairs will help to maximize your return on your largest investment.  Even if it's a small repair it's better to take care of it than have it become a distraction for the buyer.  Buyers will create a checklist in their heads as they walk through the house of all the work that will need to be done, and we want to ensure that this list is as short as possible.  Remember that today's buyers are savvy with high expectations and are less likely to purchase a house if they perceive that it needs work.  All statistics show that the investment in staging your home is always less than your first price reduction!
Q.  What is Redesign?
A.  Redesign is at work in our Owner-Occupied home staging services including the Home Staging Consultation.  We work with your existing furnishings and apply our rules and expert recommendations for defining and optimizing spaces, creating proper traffic flow and hi-lighting your home's best assets. 
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